I, Cordelia, was the youngest daughter of my father, King Lear. Being brought up in a king’s palace is what most people see as a highly privileged opportunity. But it is, sometimes, to the contrary. Those people in a king’s family do not always have happy lives. In this short piece of writing, I will summarize my life events that I will never forget. I also want other people to take a lesson from it.

            My life as a young girl in a king’s family seemed like an endless paradise. This thought suddenly changed on one day. It was when my father, King Lear, decided to divide his kingdom among us—me and my two older sisters, Goneril and Regan.  He decided that he would base his division on the emotional love we, his daughters, have for him. My sisters, who were married at that time, flattered our father and said beautiful but empty words to him. They told him that they loved him more than everything else. When it was my turn to speak, I just told the truth. I told him that I loved him as a daughter loves her father. My father became enraged by the truth that I told him, and was pleased by the flattering words of my sisters. Due to this anger, he disowned me and also banished Kent, who seemed to have sided with me. That day was the darkest day of my life. Finally, I left my family telling my cunning sisters that time will tell for what they all stand for.

            The positive side of this dark day was that I realized which one of my two suitors, King of France and Duke of Burgundy, truly loved me most. It became evident for me that Burgundy loved me just for wealth, while King of France truly loved me for what I am. Then, I accepted the marriage of the true lover and moved to France.

            In France, I closely followed the news of Britain, and how my sisters and their husbands were managing my father’s kingdom. Kent was the one who kept in touch with me since he was more loyal to my father than my sisters, who betrayed him. The saddest news I got was that both of my sisters refused to accommodate our father with his one hundred knights. They also locked him out in a severe storm! A king being locked out for a storm by his own daughters is inhumane, and it is a devastating experience. They also punished people who sided in any way with my father like Gloucester.  I decided to send troops from France to help my father and save the British Kingdom from those two evil sisters, who even turned against each other.

            My troops succeeded a little in the first time over the British forces led by my two sisters and Albany, Regan’s husband and Edmund—a young man who, as I heard, caused tension among my two sisters. I also managed to meet my beloved father after a long time, who disowned me just because I couldn’t show him my honest love for him. I started the war to forgive my cunning sisters, reunite with my father, and save his kingdom. But, unfortunately, my troops were defeated by Edmund’s soldiers and he held my father and I captives. This shows how life is not always happy, even in a king’s family. This also shows that life doesn’t always take place in the course of one’s plan.

Published by Dualeh

I am Somali. I love sharing Somali traditional stories and folktales and other personal experiences and ideas with you on my blog here.

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