MY FIRST BLOG: The Tortoise and The Fox (Diin iyo Dacawo)

The Fox and the tortoise

As a young child, I remember my mother, Nimo Nadif, and my grandmother, Adar Ibrahim, telling us many of childhood stories. These stories looked to us as stories intended just to pass time or wait time to sleep. But later I learned that most of them had greater life lessons than that.

As my first story on my blog here today, I want to share with you the well-known story among Somalis titled ‘the tortoise and the fox.’

This story is about a race between a tortoise and a fox and it started as follows:

Once upon a time there were a tortoise and a fox. They were good friends. One day the fox asked the tortoise if he could join with her in a big race. The tortoise was hesitant in accepting that race in the first place. But later he accepted with the ambition of doing anything possible to win the race. The fox was on her side confident that she will win the race. They agreed the starting and the ending point of the race.

On the next day, the race began. The fox said to herself that the tortoise will never win over her in that race. She decided to let the tortoise run all day while she was having a nap under a tree. She planned that by the time the tortoise is to cut half of the distance, she would start running and overtaking him soon. She was thinking that she would reach the point way before him since he is known to be a very slow animal.

As she slept under the tree, she overslept. The tortoise was already at the destination when she woke up. He never took a rest until he reached the point. When the fox woke up, she began to run as fast as she could. But, when she reached the place, she was surprised to see that the tortoise was already there. By this way, the tortoise won the race over the fox!

What life lessons can one learn from this story?

Published by Dualeh

I am Somali. I love sharing Somali traditional stories and folktales and other personal experiences and ideas with you on my blog here.

13 thoughts on “MY FIRST BLOG: The Tortoise and The Fox (Diin iyo Dacawo)

    1. Maashaa Allaah Mr. Shiimaaye I know you are always many miles ahead of most of us. May Allah bless you. I am greatful that you are my first commenter and follower here. Thank you so much.


  1. Dear teacher Abdala,I apreacited your first blog story. Frankly, it is true that Somali people are not oral society, but full folktale stories which are very useful, and has a great important lesson to the human life.


  2. This is really good story. I remember it. My parents used to tell me about this. By the way, i believe that you have done good work for all of us. We really appreciate your writting.

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  3. Masha allah, macalin igu qali ah horu usocod wanaagsan kuurajeynayaa

    Dhab ahaantiina waxaan blogan ka bartey in aanad is dhigan ama aanad dhayalsi la iman xataa hadaad umuuqato mid markiisa horeba guuleysanaya

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